Happenings in 2009

(In no particular order)

  • finished my first year at BYU
  • helped my oldest brother Kyle get engaged in February
  • watched him get married on June 19, 2009 to Mekelle Johnson (now Bess :  ) )…we love her!
  • ran my first half marathon…hard but SO much fun!
  • lost 3 toenails…I’m now at a record high of 7 toenails out of 10. I lost 3 due to the half marathon….1 one one foot and 2 on the other!
  • Honey found us, I am so happy! She is the sweetest thing!
  • Yaya and Grandpa came to visit us in Utah!
  • I made lots of goodie plates for Nana and Papa
  • Made many trips to hot-Atlanta with Carter Barter
  • took Mitchell to movies
  • learned how to make a 14 layer chocolate cake by Mrs. Helon Scott!!
  • baked MANY chocolate cakes on sunday afternoons with the help of Carter…in an apron!
  • messed with my Mitchell.
  • cried going back to school
  • been helped my and earthly angel (no joke) when I missed my flight home for Thanksgiving
  • went skiing lots of times at the Canyons
  • moved into Liberty Square with Rebecca!
  • made lots and lots of yo-yos.
  • made a shower curtain out of those yo-yos.
  • played ball with gunnie
  • gave kisses to chief and chip
  • helped pull off a reception at our house for kyle and mekelle
  • laughed at mom’s goofyness with carter…along with imitating her
  • celebrated my 19th birthday with Dad’s 50th!
  • written missionaries
  • cooked and cooked and cooked plenty
  • changed my major officially to elementary education!
  • missed Buford and all my other animals
  • wakeboarded at the lake
  • went off the rope swing at the lake…and actually got comfortable doing it!!
  • laughed, cried, happy, sad
  • went through hard times
  • laughed with Papa
  • cried watching home videos
  • laughed at Dad’s dance moves…keep bringing them (especially the salt shaker)
  • dreamed crazy crazy things
  • witnessed my best friend Haleigh get married
  • had a peeping tom at our apartment…sicko
  • loved my family more and more
  • suprised Nana and Papa with Carter with dinner at their house! That was so fun!!
  • played lots of games with Sugar
  • made best friends at BYU
  • and many many more memories!!

Here’s to a happy 2010!!!!


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