Saturday before Finals is always fun.

can you tell I’m being very, very sarcastic?? Well today, I have spent approximately 4 hours in the Harold B. Lee Library. To make it all even better, it is not snowing outside…it is what i would call “slushing”. Note to self: always wear a hood in utah…the weather is very unpredictable. But I made it back safe, just wet. But the highlight of my day was this…CHUNKY STRAWBERRY…It is so delicious. I practically lived off them last year. It was so easy to just hand Jamba Juice my dining card. I think I got one every day. They are so good. I still need to try to make one at home. But it has frozen strawberries, bananas, plain yogurt, granola, and PEANUT BUTTER. Yum. An added bonus is the granola and sliced bananas on top. I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I ate it again for the second time this semester. You see, Rebecca decided she would go onto Jamba Juice’s website to look at the calories, sugar, fat and such. Not a good idea. These babies are BAD for you. Lots of calories. Therefore my stopping by Jamba juice every day ceased. But I decided today it was worth it and it so was. I enjoyed it thoroughly. It was sunshine to this nasty study-filled day.

Also, I got $89 back for my nutrition book that I used last year…this was before I was elementary ed :  )

I’m off to the gym!

P.S. pictures to come of my adventure to SLC to go see the lights at Temple Square. They were unbelievable!


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