13 is a big number in my life since I was born on the 13th of August….but today in beloved Provo, Utah….

it was 13 degrees Fahrenheit when I saw it on a clock….FREEZING

there’s probably 13 inches of snow on the ground

and my face probably turned 13 shades of red today when I fell down the stairs in the Tanner building on the way to my New Testament Class. It was one of those falls I saw coming and then before I knew it I was bottom down on the stairs. I didn’t even look around to see who was there. I just heard a voice say, “Are you ok?” I don’t even remember what I said exactly something like …”Yeah, I’m fine…that’s embarrassing”. There’s no telling who else saw and got a good laugh at it! Maybe it made somebody’s day. I sure hope so!


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