Thanksgiving Recap 2009!

My pups honey and gunny…I was so happy to see them. I think they would say the same! I loved playing ball and letting Honey jump up on me. Gunner decided he would try too and got my white shirt all dirty. But that’s ok! They are so fun!

While I was at home… I got to see Mom’s beautiful flowers again.

Mitchell helped me make a 14 layer cake! Love him to death!

Mitchell, Mekelle, and Kyle went on a bike ride on Thanksgiving morning! Mitchell’s bike’s brakes don’t work, but he arrived home safe and sound!

I made ginger snaps for Nana and Papa! Their goodie plate was filled up after a long dry spell!

With the help of Mom, I made a total of 7 14-layer chocolate cakes over Thanksgiving break. It was so fun! But so tiring…hint my faces! I sold 5 of the cakes! I love this business! I hope they were as good as Mrs. Scotts!

All the boys threw around the football on Thanksgiving morning!

I made these beautiful place cards…I think they look great on Mom’s pretty china!

Look at that beautiful turkey Dad made on his green egg! Thanks Dad it was delicious (so was your fried turkey)

Pretty Sug Pot. She’s acting like such a priss..but we all know deep down she’s not! We love her just the same!

Yaya and Grandpa came to visit us for Thanksgiving! It’s always so fun to have them and enjoy their company! We played fun games in the pool house like the animal game and telephone charades…it brought about lots of laughter!

The boys fixin' to hunt. They are on my grandaddy's jeep! I tried to drive it once...that's a whole post for itself :)

Dad and Mr. Paul (who trains our dogs) with Chief and Belle!
Dad and Mr. Paul (he trains our hunting dogs and is so good) with Chief and Belle!

The whole Mitchell part of the family at the farm!


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