DECEMBER! I can’t believe it! But December brings lots of baking, which I am so excited for! Me and mom destroy our kitchen and make it a sticky mess with sugar cookies, icing, cakes, date balls, buck eyes galore! I love the holidays!

Tonight me and Mekelle had a tennis match! Unfortunately we lost, but it was our first loss so we are still in the tournament :). I forgot just how much I love tennis! It is the best sport ever! We play on Thursday and we are gonna win! Haha clumsy me actually tripped on the court tonight. Me and Mekelle were both going for the same ball and we each thought the other was going to back out I guess. Well I crossed my legs and fell! I have a goose bump already on my left knee! I bruise like a banana (thanks mom :)) I also got hit by a ball. It was a good tennis night!

Finals are coming up and I can hardly believe it. But I am so excited for STATS to be D-O-N-E. Worst class at BYU for sure. I wish I had Professor Reese. He is hilarious. I go to all of his reviews, but I have Eleanor Nealy and let’s just say she’s not the best! But I am pushin’ through, slowly but surely! It will be a joyous day when I turn in my Stat’s final exam because I won’t ever have to remember what alpha, sigma, parameter, statistic etc have to do with (Hopefully).

I also got fingerprinted today. That was a weird experience! We have to get fingerprinted for our Elementary Education application….to make sure we aren’t a felon. Haha. Hopefully none of us are. But that part of my application is done…and yes I checked it off my to-do-list.

I go home again in 17 days :)


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