Productive Monday

Suprisingly, today was very productive! I got to class on time, even early! I stayed in the library for a few long hours and finished up some homework, went to the grocery store, and made sushi, and finally picked Kyle and Mekelle up from the airport!

My luggage just arrived with Kyle and Mekelle! It was a FIASCO yesterday. I got to the the Dothan airport 28 minutes before departure. Well apparently you have to be there at least 30 minutes before to check in your bag. So therefore, I could not check in my big suitcase.  I was so mad, even furious. (But it was worth the extra five minutes I got to spend with my pups) And on top of that, I had to tell my cute family good bye which always makes me cry. But I made it through and back safe to Provo, Utah in one piece. And I am so excited that Christmas is just around the corner..which means more time with the people I love!

Coming soon…Ginger Snaps…or Ginger Claps. as Kyle calls them…or even Ginger Slabs that’s what Papa called them. Hahah.


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