“A Little Something Sweet”

Where did it come from? My Papa. Every time I see him I bring him a “a little something sweet.” From cookies, to 14 layer chocolate cakes, to pound cakes, to macaroons, to anything.  I love to see his eyes light up when I tell him what I’ve got for him. Nana loves it just as much, but she won’t admit. They both sneak the treats. I’ve heard that Papa sneaks into the kitchen to grab him a little something sweet when Nana falls asleep on the sofa.  I love them so much. They make me so happy, all the time. They are just plain hilarious. Papa is the happiest, most optimistic person I know. He’s always willing to shine his smile your way anytime and any day.  

Well I want to keep this blog as somewhat of a scrapbook of my life. I think it’s so cool to look back at old pictures and read how I felt.  I also want to keep it as a running cook book. I lovveee cooking and want to share my recipes for my friends and family!


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